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Welcome to the last stop before the divers’ paradise. Here is the place you have been looking for. We have all gear a diver might dream about. Take your time and treat yourself with a contemporary diving equipment by top scuba brands.
Diver-equipment.eu was meant as an e-commerce dedicated for people with passion of underwater world and all the activities which come after. No matter your age, sex or diving experience, here you will find all scuba equipment and accessories mandatory in diving sport.

Check our wide selection of diving gear in the following categories: diving fins, diving masks, tanks, regulators, diving computers, diving lights, diving suits and buoyancy compensators.
They are back by a vast offer of scuba accessories and useful gadgets. This all-embracing range of diving kit would meet every need of both beginners and experienced, avid divers.




All those products mentioned above come from trustworthy and well-known diving brands, including:

Italian Cressi, Aqualung, Salvas, Seal, Atomic, Mares, Seac, Oceanic, Ouo, O Sprey, Gul, Bare, Regatta, Ascan, Billabong.

These manufactures guarantee you high quality at reasonable prices to deliver you remarkable feelings every time you descend underwater.