Diving Hoods

HoodsProtect your head and ears from cold and injury while diving. Your head is a part of body which loses the most body heat, that is why it is so crucial to keep it isolated. To do that, you need a diving hood which offers your head thermal cover. Moreover, it prevents water from entering your ears which might be irritating and cause health problems.

Check out a large selection of hoods for diving on Diver-equpmnet.eu and find your preferable one. Dive hoods come in many of variants, colors or shapes. They are all made of the finest 2, 3, 5 or 7 mm neoprene which provides diver prime comfort with every single use. Our stock includes hoods at competitive prices, designed by well-established diving brands, such as: Cressi, Bare, ScubaPro, Typhoon, Sola or Seac.

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