TanksLet’s start with a short quiz: what part of diving tackle is called “a beating heart of scuba diving”? Yes, you are completely right! A majority of drivers says a tank is a focal point of their equipment and it should be chosen with a special attention, as it is responsible for your safety underwater. The tank delivers diver air during the activity and allows him or her spend more time beneath the surface.

We provide a wide set of different types of tanks and cylinders. You can choose the most suitable type from mono and double tanks of different volume (from 3 up to 30 liter) and pressure values (230 or 200 bar). They are all made of durable and lightweight stainless steel or aluminum to make your diving even more comfortable. As your safety depends on the product, we offer you only tanks and cylinders of the most trusted and word-renowned diving brands: Polaris, Scubapro and Faber.

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