Apeks DST 1st Stage 5 Port


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The Apeks DST 5 Port 1st Stage is a swivel turret first stage that is environmentally sealed and plenty of hose routing options.   Swivel Turret Four of the five low pressure ports are on a rotating turret that allows the hoses to rotate even when pressurised so they can move for better hose routing. Whether you’re using a single cylinder and need to turn your head or routing hoses down the side of a stage cylinder the fixing point from the first stage can turn and move so you don’t get any unwanted kinks.   5th Port The 5th port upgrade features a 5th low pressure port that routes hoses 90° out of the cylinder valve again to aid hose routing and gives you and extra hose option.   Environmentally Sealed A flexible seal over the working parts of the 1st stage protect them from water ingress but still allow the balancing with ambient pressure. Preventing water from entering the 1st stage prevents contaminants building up inside that can damage the regulator and affect the functioning. View product manual

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