Apeks Flight Stage 4 Set – Pewter


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The Apeks Flight Stage 4 Set is built to be the lightest complete regulator set possible complete with Flight regulator, Flight Octopus, and double gauge. Released in 2009 and is still the lightest regulator in the world designed for travelling divers in waters down to 10°C. The double gauge includes a combined contents (pressure) gauge and depth gauge with a luminescent dial for easy reading. This gauge has metric measurements and can be used up to 360 bar and down to 70 metres. All components of the Flight Stage 4 set work seamlessly together.   Please note that this product is a pre-packaged set and does not come assembled. If you would like us to assemble the components then contact us once you have placed your order. You will be required to retain the original packaging in case of return.   Remember to validate your warranty by visiting the manufacturers warranty registration | website Features Regulator: The Flight has passed the European Standards test and achieved the CE mark for diving in water above 10 degrees c. Impact protection Anti-snag yoke hand wheel in A Clamp Integrated Venturi System Pneumatically balanced first and second stage for superior performance Large tough purge Excellent bubble diversion Neutrally buoyant Lightweight hose Double gauge: Includes high pressure hose Metric High shock resistant windows   Please Note this package DOES NOT INCLUDE a BCD or Drysuit LPI hose. These come with your BCD or Drysuit or can be purchased Here Specifications 4 medium pressure ports 3/8 inch UNF 2 high pressure ports 7/16 inch UNF Strong skeletal body In line hose position 2 Shot moulded Weight of A Clamp 1st stage: 459g Weight of Din 1st stage: 340g Weight of each 2nd stage: 127g DIN 1st stage + Primary + Alternate + Double Gauges + Hoses Weight : 1.24kg View product manual

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