Apeks Heat Zippered Hood


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The Apeks Heat Zippered Hood is a 7mm hood with a zipper down the back to aid donning and doffing. 7mm neoprene covers the side and back of your head to keep you warm but over your forehead and cheeks it thins down to 5mm and 3mm around your jaw for comfort, reduced jaw ache and warmth.   Zippered Down the back of the hood is a gusseted section that can be zipped up so you can pull the hood on easily and then zip it up so it’s snug on your head to keep you warm. After the dive undo the zip and it’s easy to pull off so no more struggling.   Side Grips Either side of the hood is a gripping detail that holds onto the mask strap so it doesn’t move around during the dive so you don’t have to adjust it.

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