Aqua Lung Defense Duffle Bag


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The AquaLung Defense Duffel Bag is a tough watertight gear bag to keep your gear together and dry. The rugged 500D Nylon tarpaulin is double coated with heat welded seams that are completely water tight so you can fill the bag with water and use it as a dunk tank if you need.  Who’s the Defense For? the Defense is a moderate size duffle bag but tough.  The watertight construction is it’s strongest asset as you can either keep your dry kit dry or your wet kit contained so it doesn’t leak everywhere after a dive. Any diver whether they’re a travelling warm water diver or a stay at home cold water diver can appreciate a strong duffle bag like the defense. Watertight Everything except the zip is watertight so you can keep dry kit inside in wet conditions or keep your wet gear contained inside so you don’t ruin your car. 0.6mm double coated 500D Nylon Core Tarpaulin is tough and waterproof and all of the seams are heat welded closed so water can’t get through. The zipper has a protective cover to prevent rain and splash from getting in easily. Specifications Dimensions: 26″x16″ diameterVolume: 85 litresHeat welded waterproof seams500D Nylon Core 0.6mm double coated Tarpaulin materialReplaceable side drain valve for removing excess water and rinsing your gearTwo heavy duty haul handlesA splash shield covers the #10 YKK tooth zipper   ABOUT Aqua Lung Aqualung have been industry leaders producing a range of diving equipment from regulators and computers to drysuits, wetsuits and masks. Aqualung have been producing dive equipment since 1943, started by Jacques-Yves Cousteau and Émile Gagnan who introduced the world to scuba diving and the Aqua-Lung.

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