Fourth Element Arctic Leggings


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Fourth Element Arctic Leggings – Combining the outstanding performance of the Xerotherm with additional thermal layering, the Arctic is the next stage in the development of a high performance system for divers in the most extreme environmental conditions.   Using a combination of fast wicking, high insulation fabrics, the Arctic creates a micro climate around the wearer, keeping the body dry and warm. A high density inner fleece provides superior insulation, with maximum comfort and wicking, whilst the outer layer, which has a water repellant finish, ensures a snug fit.   Suitable for year round use underneath neoprene drysuits or summer use under membrane suits, the Acrtic, builds on the performance of the Xerotherm baselayer to be the perfect lightweight undersuit for dry suit diving.   The Arctic will also continue to perform when wet. In situations even when a drysuit has flooded, the Arctic continues to provide thermal protection. Fully machine washable.   Increase the warmth of your xerotherm by add a Fourth Element DryBase layer underneath. Pre and post dive use the Fourth Element Ozone outerwear to avoid the chill.   Features Secure foot stirrups keep the leggings secure.

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