Mares XR Active Heating Vest


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The Mares Active Heating Vest is a thin battery powered heating vest that you can use under your drysuit and out of the water to warm you up.  Long dives, cold dives, cold walks with the dog the AHV has thin and flexible heating coils that run through the fabric to keep your lower back warm which keeps your kidneys warm.  Thin and light the vest won’t add a lot of bulk so it can be worn under your undersuit or under your coat.   Features Double zip for comfort when seated Supplied with rechargeable battery and charger Adjustable heat setting temperature control 2 – 5 hours heating time Hand washable Created to be even lighter and thinner for demanding divers Provides heat to the back kidney area and to each side of the chest in order to give a feeling of complete warmth to the upper body Battery Pack Features Charge level and battery level indicator 2 types of batteries (up to 10 hours heating time), 4 warmth settings EU charger Lithium Capacity: Standard garment: 2600mAh Heating Time: Standard garment 2 – 5 hours Weight approx: Standard garment 125g Voltage: Standard garment 7.4V *The Active Heating Vest is not suitable for people with pacemakers ** The Active Heating Vest is suitable for drysuits only and must be kept dry. Not suitable for use under a wetsuit. View product manual

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