Mares XR Aluminium Backplate 3mm


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The Mares XR Aluminium Backplate is a skeleton 3mm backplate for a lightweight backplate and wing system. Weighing 0.75kg this is one of the lightest backplates available made from marine grade anodised aluminium.   Lightweight 6061 marine grade anodised aluminium alloy is lightweight and corrosion resistant but still tough enough to hold it’s shape with twins. Great for a light weight travel system to mount twins or a secure single cylinder thanks to it’s flexible mounting options and multiple fixing points around the backplate for mounting accessories and a sidemount buttplate   Features 6061 MARINE GRADE ANODIZED ALUMINUM ALLOY13 LASER CUT AND LASER ETCHED SLOTS8 SLOTS SPECIALLY DESIGNED FOR OPTIMUM POSITIONING OF THE HARNESS WEBBING2 UPPER AND 2 LOWER SLOTS FOR NYLON CYLINDER BANDS SO A SINGLE CYLINDER CAN BE STRAPPED DIRECTLYHAVING ONLY 2 SLOTS PROVIDES ENOUGH LATERAL CYLINDER STABILITY WITHOUT WEAKENING THE STRENGTH OF THE SPINE2″ WIDE CROTCH STRAP SLOT15 HOLES3 HOLES AT THE TOP OF THE PLATE OFFER A RANGE OF HEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS FOR BUOYANCY CELLS AND CYLINDERS. IN ADDITION, A CORRESPONDING LOWER CENTER SLOT ALLOWS FOR LOWER BAND BOLTS THAT ARE MISALIGNED4 UPPER AND LOWER PERIMETER HOLES ALONG EITHER SIDE AND 4 HOLES ALONG THE BOTTOM ALLOW FOR MOUNTING ACCESSORIES AND SIDE-MOUNT BUTT PLATEBENT LOWER EDGESMARES XR LOGOS AND LAZER CUT SHAPED AXISHIGHLY TECHNICAL PRE-SHAPE -UNPARALLELED VERSATILITYULTRA-RUGGED UNFOLDABLE BACKBONEPUSHED TO LIMITS THROUGH INTENSE TESTINGTOTAL MODULARITY: ALL HARNESSES AND DONUTS/WINGS Specifications Weight : 750g Spine Hole Distance from Top, 17mm 57mm 177mm 296-339mm Crotch Strap Slot Width : 2″

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