Seac Sub Dryseal 300 Gloves


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The Seac Dry Seal 300 Gloves are a 3.5mm superstretch neoprene glove with an internal aquastop ring to keep water out and a thermal plush internal liner. Thermal Fiber Plush internal lining further improves the flexibility of the suit but also adds an efficient insulating layer that is quick drying and very smooth against the skin. Internal Aquastop Ring keeps your hands drier for longer to keep them warm and when water does seep in the seal holds it in place to keep your hands warm. Superelastic Superstretch Neoprene improves flexibility by 300% compared to other neoprene for comfort and maneuverability. Rubber Coated Palms are cut resistant and add extra grip to the palm to hold onto things. External seams are sealed for protection to stop them from unpicking or coming loose.

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